Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's Eve in Beacon

Hosted New Year's Eve and it worked out perfectly! It was a butt load of work to prepare since we're still not fully unpacked, but shoving things in the basement and attic seemed to save a lot of time.

Happy New Year everyone!! Awesome friends, awesome family, awesome times in 2010.

Girl talk and wine in tiny tea cups upstairs in my office.

Dancing in the dining room.

Movement class with Paws' toy.

Snowball fight!!

Quarters in the basement.

Beverage Center.

Front porch hang-out sesh.

Bacon for breakfast.


siobhan said...

HA! Do you think your neighbors are like o shit the yuppies are hear drinking our town out of bud light!?

Brook said...

i'm so glad you have this blog. it's good to scroll through every now and then and catch up and look at all these crafties :)