Sunday, January 3, 2010

Beacon Weekend: The Recovery

I was in zombie-mode after all the NYE festivities. My sister, her boyfriend, and his dog came for a visit Saturday night. That night, and most of the next day, we spent on the couch (all 5 of us) - taking turns to go into the kitchen and bring back more snacks, wine and Bloody Marys.

Wesley loooooves Abe. He kept wiggling over and squirming his way into Abe's arms.

Wes also loves Bloody Marys.

Wesley pretty much just loves all forms of attention.

I did manage to leave the house Sunday morning and take Wesley for a walk. That was a lot of fun even though it was 16 degrees.

Last night there was a marathon of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. It's not a good show (think 7th Heaven unsuccessfully trying to be 90120), but I consumed 4 hours of it and this morning found myself on the Facebook fan page for the show. Tonight is an all new episode. Will I watch it? The signs point to yes.

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Brook said...

ohhhh gosh. i'm secretly addicted to the secret life. it's bad. bad. bad. but still addicted.