Monday, January 25, 2010

DIY: Office/Studio Makeover - Stage 1

This weekend I tackled my office/studio.

The previous owners had painted it a sea green color. Abe liked it, but I hated it so I repainted using Valspar brand paint and chose the color Creme Fraiche (soft white).

First thing to do was to organize the desk. We have so many cords and contraptions that it took over 1/4 of the surface space.

The previous home owners had left an Ikea shelf with wine rack in the basement. I installed that under the desk and moved everything electronic down below. It needs some more work, but it's a major improvement.

While cleaning up I found two empty Crystal Light canisters. Colleen had given me a housewarming gift wrapped in pretty paper and I saved it. I wrapped the canisters in the paper with a little Mod Podge.

I left the top on one of them and cut some holes so I can store my seam rippers - I'm always losing them.

For the grand finale, I took a 8 ft. piece of white molding and cut it in half. Using wood screws, I put the molding on the top and bottom of a 2'x4' sheet of pegboard. Then I hung the pegboard on the wall using pegboard spacers (you don't want it flush on the wall or the hooks won't fit).

I also reused a shelf the previous home owners had in the room, but I moved the location.

And finally, the fun part - organizing and enjoying my clean space!

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Han said...

Go you with the tidiness! I need a serious tidy up just about everywhere in my house lol.