Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Preparing for the Future

Abe and I are having a few friends over tomorrow to celebrate New Year's Eve. I'm kinda freaking out cause the house is a disaster and there is so much to prepare. Ugh, I wish we painted before moving in...not that that was even an option.

I am pulling most of the recipes for tomorrow out of the current Real Simple magazine. There are like 20 recipes for appetizers that can be prepared ahead of time. I was trying to write out a grocery list, but my magazine and paper seemed to get in the way of Paws' bath. He requested I instead write out directions on how to take a bath.

What? I was here first.

You just work it from elbow to paw in one, nice lick.

No photos, please - ha, j/k.

Oops, missed a little spot on the paw.

Oh yes, stretch it out. Gotta get those armpits.

And then just settle in, there is no need to move anytime soon...unless the lady moves the magazine, in which case you move to wherever it goes.

Have a Happy New Year's Eve! I'll see you in 2010 a.k.a The Future.

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