Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Weekend 2009

Hope everyone celebrating Christmas had a wonderful weekend! Mine seemed to last forever, which was awesome.

Santa brought me a ton of presents including a food processor, new Dansko shoes, earrings, and a Home Depot gift card, Abe made me a spice rack, my sister gave me a cake stand that converts into a punch bowl, and Allyson gave me a framed print for my future Enchanted Forest Room. There was much more, but I don't want to seem like a spoiled brat.

On Christmas morning it is family tradition to torture the pups. Phoebe and Zeke are scared to death of the camera. Phoebe will take off and hide, but Zeke is such a good boy that he'll sit and tolerate a few shots.

Phoebe was forced out of hiding by Jaime so she could show off her antlers. Zeke's face is stuck inside his Santa hat.

Later in the day I went to Allyson's house to exchange gifts with her mom and visit with the family. I am obsessed with Adam (her brother) and Carolyn's dog. Chris (her other brother) is holding up one of his famous designer cards.

Then we head to Chelmsford to hang with family. This year we had 19 people in the Yankee Swap. Abe got #2 and Jaime got #3...the worst numbers you can get...I got #17 woo hoo!

I love when it snows on Christmas Day.

The day after Christmas brought more celebration. We had dinner and Yankee Swap with family in Shrewsbury, and then we went over Dave and Brittany's for a party and got to see lots of friends.

Four out of six Green cousins. We're getting too big for this couch.

We spiced up the Yankee Swap this year by putting everything in brown paper bags.


Han said...

Whats a yankee swap?

Ryan Green said...

In a Yankee Swap a price is set and everyone brings a gift that matches that price. The gifts are wrapped and put into a pile, and numbers are written on pieces of paper - 1 through however many people are participating. Then everone picks one number. Whoever picks #1 picks a gift from a pile and unwraps it, then #2 goes. Now #2 can either keep their gift or they can switch it with #1's. Then all the other numbers go in order. You can switch with any gift that has been opened or you can keep your gift. So, the last person has their choice of their own or they can switch with any of the other gifts. But, the best number to have is #1 because that person gets to go one last time and pick from everyone's gifts.

It sounds complicted but it's really easy and fun. We do it instead if exchanging gifts with everyone and it also gives us a game to play.