Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Two New Blogs to Read

Men Who Look Like 80's Villains

They're blonde, they're rapey, their grandfather was a nazi, they hate poors, they love blow-dryers. They're gonna kick your ass, lift you by your belt loop, hang you from their locker and then rub your lunch tray remains on your face, Four Eyes. And despite 20 years and several nerd revenges, they're still everywhere.

My Mom, the Style Icon

Moms as fashion muses.


Hannah said...

My Mum used to have awesome jeans like that! and patterned jumpers!

My other half has this horrible jumper that makes him look like a grandad and he doesn't believe me - I need to get him and my Grandad stood in the same room in their same style jumpers to prove the point!"

Ryan Green said...

you should start a grandad style icon blog!