Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Don't Leave a Mark On My Good Table

My grandmother influenced me in many ways (see "perfectly good tin foil that can be reused" neatly folded in my kitchen drawer). One trait I picked up when I began to accumulate nicer furniture.

I am now the person that scurries to slip a coaster under a guest's glass of ice water and scolds Abe for leaving his drinks on the desk with no protection. Actually, I just remembered that Abe and his friends dubbed our kitchen table the "No Fun Table" because I insisted that we use a tablecloth and coasters ("But, it's an antique!")

I might as well embrace my new found worry ("Oh dear, that will leave a water mark!") and start shopping for coasters to keep around the house.

There are so many coasters out there. Today I am focusing on ones that are non-disposable.

[from top down: Vintage tin flower coasters £10.00, 1970's playing card coasters $6.99, Happy Time vintage cork coasters $8.00, Frosted green glass vintage coasters, Padded coasters $18.00, Eco Green Leaf Cork coasters $16.00, Bird on Tree (embroidery on wood) coasters $24.00, White Striped Ceramic coasters, $26.00]

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