Monday, October 12, 2009

11222 Love

On Saturday, Abe and I went for a walk through Greenpoint's "Nature Trail" located by the sewage plant. The use of nature on this trail exercises one's imagination, but all in all it was a pretty cool walk and creatively designed. I would liken it to a potentially-carcinogenic version of The High Line.

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Newtown Creek
Nature Trail entrance looking all natural.

Leaving the nature trail behind us as we head back into the city. It felt so weird after being submersed in so much nature!

On Sunday I went to brunch with my three cousins who all live in Brooklyn. Three of us live in Greenpoint. The 4th one used to live in Greenpoint and is the reason why I chose the neighborhood 7 years ago. We both encouraged the other two to live here when they decided to move to NYC. Interestingly, our great-great-grandfather lived in Greenpoint in the late 1800's.

Sigh. I
love Greenpoint.

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