Sunday, October 11, 2009

Skeletons in Their Kitchen

Abe and I went over to Preeya and Dave's place Friday night for dinner, drinks, stand-up comedy, karaoke, and good times. It was a majorly fun-filled evening. I feel like we were all talking and laughing in double-speed all night long.

In previous posts I've mentioned Preeya's long-term project of piecing together a deer skeleton that she excavated from the woods about 5 years ago while a group of us were having Girl Weekend upstate.

Well, she finally finished the project and I would like to give her a big, huge CONGRATULATIONS because not only is it a major accomplishment to piece together a large animal skeleton (c'mon, who does that for fun?), but she actually hand-crafted the missing bones (all the darker pieces).

Preeya's skeleton will be shown in a gallery in November. I'll post all the details here when it gets closer.

A couple months ago we cared for Preeya & Dave's terminally ill hamster while HEXA was on tour. They showered us with gifts to show their thanks. It wasn't necessary at all, but the gifts were really fun.

Abe hasn't taken off his ultra-rad flying disc satchel in 72 hours.

Preeya made chicken enchiladas late-night and it was goooooooooooooood.


comeoncolleen said...

didn't their hamster die while in your care?

Ryan Green said...

yes he did, colleen, thank you for reminding everyone. let me also remind everyone that he was old as dirt, had cancer and had pneumonia. abe and i were merely assisting in making junior's transition into the after-life a more comfortable journey.