Friday, October 9, 2009

DIY Projects List

I am keeping a list of all the DIY projects I want to complete when I finally get my grubby little mitts on my future house.


[except I am going to make the cushions myself and I'm going to make the top one stick to the bottom one with Velcro so that I can pull one off for extra seating. I know, genius.]

Instructions at the now extinct Martha Stewart Blueprint magazine blog, Bluelines.

Tufted Upholstered Headboard

photo courtesy of Design*Sponge
[except I'm going to make mine rectangular. I am also planning on making one for the guest room for the daybed.]

Instructions for the headboard seen here can be found at Design*Sponge.
Instructions for a rectangular & tufted (with buttons)headboard can be found at All Things G&D.

IKEA Hack: Nightstand

photo courtesy of Eric Teng
[I already own this nightstand, but I plan on buying 1 or 2 more & shelving & counter tops for my studio].

Instructions by Eric Teng can be found at DMD Insight blog.

Plumbing Shelves

photo courtesy of The Brick House
[LOVE, but not sure where I'll fit these in, or if I'll be able to at all - maybe I can do a smaller scale in the studio/office.]

Instructions can be found here at The Brick House.

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