Monday, March 9, 2009

Suckers at Coco 66

Friday night I went to Coco 66 to see Suckers. I met up there with Colleen, Greg, Kenny, Lauren and Piper (who gets bonus points for suffering train pains to get there).

Suckers was awesome, but I think my favorite part was the light show. There were tiny green lights exploding everywhere, it was really neat.

Coco 66 was INSANELY crowded. I walked up the street at Pencil Factory to go to the bathroom because the place was so packed. It was too much to handle for an extended period of time (even though the people watching was the best I've seen since 2004), so some of us went next door to 68 to join the back room dance party.

At the dance party I saw this guy that I always see on the 7 train in the morning. He's kind of 60's looking and has a strange short/long hair cut. He ended up talking to Lauren a little bit and it was weird because he's not supposed to have contact with my world.

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