Monday, March 9, 2009

Craft Sunday :: Dioramas

On Sunday I hosted another Craft Sunday at my apartment. The theme was Dioramas.

Everyone was supposed to read a book and then come prepared to create a diorama based on their book. This theme was loose - I also allowed free form dioramas. I was very proud of all my little crafters - they all gave 110% and everyone left with awesome projects.

Awwww. Now that's creepy.

Lauren is caught reading - get back to your collage!

Finishing touches.

The Beach by Alex Garland. Diorama by Colleen K.

"Woodland Creatures" diorama by Lauren E.

"In This Economy" diorama by Meredith B.

Watership Down by by Richard Adams. Diorama by Chelsea A.

"Mountain Sunrise" diorama by Preeya J.

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