Friday, January 16, 2009

Night on the Town :: The Fabulous Entourage

Last night Colleen, Lauren, Margot and I went with Piper to the Bowery Ballroom to see her man Kyle perform with his band The Fabulous Entourage. This was the first time for all of us and even though we knew it was going to be good, I can't believe how much I loved their music and seeing them perform on stage.

Before the show we met up at Vegetarian Dim Sum House on Pell Street in Chinatown. Dim Yum is more like it! I highly recommend the mock sesame chicken & broccoli and the mock pork dumplings.

Oh hello, Colleen. Glad you could make it. Have some tea.

A cold, cold, cold walk to Bowery Ballroom.

Piper tried to start a coat pile, but we weren't having it.

Highlights of the night:

1.) Dog sweater.

2.) Two drunk teens.

At one point a huge plastic bottle of vodka fell out of one of their purses and onto the floor. They were escorted out by security shortly thereafter.

4.) Debbie Harry was there!!!!!!!

3. The Fabulous Entourage!

5.) MY Fabulous Entourage!! (minus Meredith, but we talked about her a lot)

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