Monday, December 15, 2008

Dave 30th Birthday...aka The Facial Hair Party

Saturday night was Davis' 30th birthday. And well, a man only turns 30 once, so we all piled into Dave and Preeya's apartment and celebrated the day he came shooting into this world and everyone gasped because he was a baby with a gigantic mustache. Every man at the party (with the exception of 1 person) had facial hair. Tis the season.

A wardrobe of Beam. One in every style.

Preeya showed me the set she and Dave built for HEXA's next music video for their song "Molasses" (on which you can hear my bass and alto clarinet skillz). It's going to be adorable. The waves move back and forth and there is a hot air balloon that will float through the mountain tops.

Yes, that is a deer skeleton on their bed. Preeya has been putting it together since the day we excavated the bones from John Sayles' backyard in April 2005. I think Colleen has pictures of us digging up the bones, but I couldn't find the files. But I believe the location was just yonder that bridge and up that hill.

I think those bones have lived in like 4 apartments and there was the time with the ants... Anyway, what she's done is pretty incredible.

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