Monday, December 15, 2008

Craftin' Up a Storm and I'm Pooped

It was a busy weekend over here and thankfully I had the foresight to take the day off from work. I'm still in my pajamas and organizing myself...and drinking coffee...but I need to get my ass in gear because from 4pm-7pm I will be at the ETSY Labs at 325 Gold Street in Brooklyn to teach a hands-on workshop on making snow globes! It's free and you're all invited!

Yesterday was the BUST Holiday Craftacular at the Manhattan Pavillion. It was a lonnnnng week getting ready, but being prepared definitely paid off especially since my table space was a lot smaller than I expected. Abe was awesome and the best helper a girl could ask for which also made things a heck of a lot easier since I kept forgetting things in the car.

The day was a success, but you know what my biggest seller was?

Crazy Cat Button Pack!

I swear, Paws is my golden ticket to a life of riches!

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comeoncolleen said...

i'm really into the pirate cat. "arrrrgh, kitty". i already made that joke to you. but whatever.