Monday, November 17, 2008

Super Easy Drawer Organizer : Paper Boxes

Tonight I was putting away laundry, which takes about an hour if you have 2 giant blue Ikea bags full of clothes.

Where's Pawsldo?

Since the cooler weather started up I have been plowing through my collection of tights. The inside of my drawer is just a big ol' mess of tight legs and bra straps and random things that fall off my dresser and into my unmentionables.

So I found these super, duper easy instructions to make a paper box origami-style. Seriously, it took me 2 minutes AND I got to use up some paper that I was sick of looking at. Anyone can do this - all you need is a sheet of paper.

Voila! My tights are in their own little cubby and the three types of lingerie will never touch ever again...unless, of course, the rumors are true and when I turn out the lights they all get together and go hang out at a piano bar in Midtown. Bonus points for also getting a chance to find my navy blue tights and toss out a pair of satin panties circa 1997.

FYI - if you're feeling fancy you can check out this tutorial from KWernerDesignBlog on making paper gift boxes.


Allyson said...

did you actually write about panties you've had since high school?

Ryan Green said...

i have socks from middle school