Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hot Hands, Chili, Boots & Mom Time

This week has been a little slow for me. I am trying to update my website and so that is taking up my evenings and I haven't had time to do projects. My mom is visiting this weekend so I'm going to recruit her into helping me get ahead with crafting. After all, I learned everything I know from her.

Last Sunday my friends, Andy and Maria, had people over for dinner because our other friends, Alex, Becca and baby Ella, were in town. Alex brought a huge sack of assorted peppers from their garden.

Dave trying to judge the weight.

Last night I made chili with these peppers and my hands are still on fire from handling them - 14 hours later!

Tonight I have rehearsal with HEXA from 8-10pm and then I have to go home and do laundry. My mom is coming tomorrow at 1pm so I'll have a little time in the morning to clean up the apartment.

In other big news..... I bought the black Sven's! Yesterday I went to this store on the Lower East Side called Valley and tried them on. They didn't have the exact ones I wanted, but they ordered them for me and I should get them next week.


ofifteen said...

Congrats on getting those Sven's...they are awesome! Also those peppers look beautiful, but am sorry your hands are on fire from handling them, that has to suck...hope they are better now.

'designing your life'

Allyson said...

you and your mom doing crafts is hilarious... all i can think of is your mom being like "gee ryan you really have a lot of projects, where did you learn all this?" and then you say "i learned it from watching you mom!!" kinda like that old 80's commercial about kids on drugs.... but not.

Market Publique said...

congrats on springing for the sven's! you won't regret it! And I can't wait to see all the crafting you and your mom do!