Monday, October 13, 2008

Craft: Making a Pillow from Recyled Materials

My mom was here this weekend and I took her to Ikea for the first time in her life. It was very exciting. I tried to curb my desire to by things I don't need, but one thing I coudn't resist was the fabric. Ikea has some great fabric and I wanted to pick up some for my new pillows. I chose the Gunilla fabric in turquoise and some rainbow fabric.

So last night I decided to practice making my new pillow covers and make one for our bedroom.

I tend to save a lot of stuff people would normally throw away (glass jars, oatmeal canisters, take out containers). Abe is the same way except he just avoids accumulating things. I, on the other hand, save everything that comes my way with the idea that some day I will use it.

I had an old, feather bed pillow that I had stashed away a couple months ago when we got new pillows. I decided to take out the feathers and make a fresh pillow insert.

First, I needed a case to hold the feathers. My mom had bought me and Abe a new dust ruffle from Ikea so I took our old dust ruffle and cut four 14"x14" squares from the netted fabric that stretched across the box spring.

Next I had to remove the feathers from the bed pillow and fill up the case. I don't really recommend doing this. It is messy, dusty, and just not a good idea. It's kinda gross actually. Oh well, what's done is done. I sprayed a little tea tree oil on the feathers in an attempt to sterilize them.

I did this when Abe was at work because this would not fly if he was home. Fly...feathers...get it?

I filled up one case with the feathers and sewed it closed then I put in into another case and sewed that one closed - extra protection.

Now that I had my pillow form I got to work on the pillow cover. I used the Gunilla fabric for the front and rainbow fabric for the back.

And here we go - a new pillow for our bedroom!

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