Friday, October 31, 2008

Gone Trappin'

Last night I had some people from Neighborhood Cats come over to trap the cats in my backyard. They will be checked out by a vet, neutered/spayed, have a supervised recovery, and then will be released back into the yard once they are recovered.

They brought 5 traps. Looks scary, but they were actually very safe spaces for the angry cats.

I have to tell you that I really don't feel 100% okay with the trapping. I felt terrible for scaring the poor little guys, and I am not totally sure if it is okay for people to control animal populations. I know there are good sides to it - after all, it is very sad to see animals struggling and know many of them will die and grow up with diseases and have short lives. I mean, I just saw a little kitten pass away from disease and it broke my heart. But on the other had, I kind of feel like they are wild animals and you should let them go through their natural cycle....but I guess their lives are already being interfered with because people feed them.

At any rate, I'm in the mix and the organization is coming back to do more trapping this weekend. They are a great group of people that really do care about the cats and will put kittens up for adoption if they are young enough to be socialized. Sick cats are tended to by vets and the volunteers pay out of pocket for these services. The people really do go out of their way to care for these animals.

The kitten I have been feeding was captured last night (I started crying - he was so scared) and will be neutered this weekend and released next week. I can not take him in, but I believe he could definitely be socialized if someone was willing to adopt him and put in the time.

If you would like to adopt an adorable little kitten please let me know. I think he could warm up to being an indoor cat pretty quickly. I would love to find him a loving home.

The line up. We caught Kitten, Papa Duke, and Mama Bette. Papa Duke was seriously the size of a bob cat. The thing was GIGANTIC.

If you have feral cats in your neighborhood, or would like to help out with Neighborhood Cats (the training program only takes a couple hours) please see here for more info: Neighborhood Cats Info Center

Or sign up for the next training program:

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