Thursday, October 30, 2008

Craft: Vintage Skirt is now a Pillow

When my grandparents died the family had the daunting task of cleaning out their house. I definitely take after my grandmother and my grandmother saved everything from furniture to tin foil - and it was all super organized and in great condition. My grandfather wasn't much better. I remember my grandmother and I getting on his case to go through 60 years of bank statements he had stored in the basement.

One day I was cleaning my grandmother's closet and I found this super cute jacket/skirt combo. My grandmother was super tiny when she was my age so the skirt had like 10" waist and could not be zipped up around my "I eat Peanut M&M's for breakfast" stomach. However, the jacket fit great and was still in perfect condition.

Faux-suede buttons on the jacket.

Paws thinks I'm ridiculous.

I already mentioned I save everything just like Grammy so of course tossing the skirt was out of the question. I could have given it away to the Salvation Army, but the edges were worn and frayed and frankly, I didn't want to give it up. So instead I decided to chop up the skirt and use the material for a pillow!

For the front of the pillow I used Italian wool that my ex-roommate got as a sample (she is knitwear designer for Express). I've been saving it for like 4 years.

I used gold ink to print Paws on the front because I thought it would make it a little classier, but now I kind of wish I did it in black. I might try a second version this weekend.

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eveyinorbit said...

awesome. i really like that type of pattern as well. whenever i see cheap skirts or pants like that in thrift stores i buy them and chop them up for fabric.

p.s. your name is so cute.

p.s.s. i live in queens.

p.s.s.s. this is eveyinorbit from the i love your blog swap.