Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Craft: Hippie Necklace...No, Actually a Headband

Last week I went to some bead stores with the vision of creating a hippie necklace. I wanted to braid suede lacing and then attach a stone to the braid. For once I actually had it mapped out pretty well and bought the right materials, but the actual construction was problematic.

See, my gorgeous amethyst stone broke while I was trying to fit a gold hoop through the hole. My fault because I was definitely forcing a too-small ring into the space. So sadly, the amethyst stone is now stationed in the bathroom amongst my aloe plants.

But I still had a perfectly good braided suede band that I fashioned to a gold hoop. It didn't work as a necklace, but it looked kind of cute as a headband!

I just attached a hook and eye so I can take it on and off easily. Voila.

Blue Steel.


margot said...

i would've been so jealous of that necklace.

comeoncolleen said...

i'm jealous of that headband! can i get one?

Market Publique said...

I love the headband!