Monday, October 27, 2008

Bands, Gardens, Dorms & Fried Chicken

This weekend was action packed.

On Friday I went to a CMJ show at Mecury Lounge to see the band The Delta Spirit. Colleen recently got into them and she got a few of us together to go to the show. It was really, really fun - I think I have a new favorite band.

After the show Colleen, Abe, Katie, Greg and I went back to Greenpoint to the bar Matchless and Starr met up with us. When Abe and I left the bar we went over to Palace Fried Chicken and got chicken and French fries. It's pretty disgusting there, but sometimes it just hits the spot.

Saturday my aunt, uncle and cousin came into town to see my other cousin, Eddie (he lives down the street from me). They picked me up and we all went to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. It was supposed to be a stormy day, but the rain held up and we had a great time enjoying the fall weather.

Saturday night was a big one - Piper's 30th birthday!! She held the party at her apartment in the city and the theme was "College Dorm". Kind of a vague theme, but once you saw the decorations and got everyone in costume the whole look really came together.

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comeoncolleen said...

i really wish i had known about the chicken and french fries trip post bar. that would have hit the spot. mmmm....