Monday, October 27, 2008

The Kitten Crisis

So I have a yard/lot behind my building, which is adjacent to several other backyards. I also live above a Chinese restaurant that has access to the yard. We have a lot of feral cats that hang out back there - it's a pretty sweet layout for a stray cat.

If you click & enlarge this photo you can see 2 of the kittens snacking.

In the spring/summer one or two cats usually have a litter of kittens and we'll have a little kitten playground out there. I kind of let them be because it's summer and they seem to do fine on their own.

However, this year a cat had a litter late in the year - sometime in August. Now it's October and the kittens are still small and will be as winter hits. There was one kitten that I named Harry - he was sickly, but so freaking cute and would let me pick him up. I tried to monitor him, fed him, gave him a little attention. Finally I found a place that would take him away to be fixed up by a vet and put up for adoption. Unfortunately, I went away for a few days and when I came back he was missing. I cried for two days - I wish I had found a few days earlier.

Harry's twin brother.

I hope Harry turns up again this week, but in the meantime there are 4 other kittens back there that I need to help. is supposed to come by sometime this week to set up humane traps. The kittens are so cute I'm sure they will be adopted right away and we will also try to catch the adults so they can be neutered and then released back into the yard.

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