Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pacific Northwest Getaway

This past weekend Abe and I went to a wedding on Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands of Washington. Paws did not want me to leave.

Abe got there on Tuesday because he was a groomsman in the wedding and then I flew in on Friday, drove a car 2.5 hours to the ferry, took the 1.5 hour ferry, and made it just in time to have dessert at the rehearsal dinner. The wedding was amazing and special, but it was particularly exciting for me because I finally got a chance to meet the rest of Abe's friends that I have heard about for 3 years!

Orcas Island is totally Jurassic Park.

Saturday morning I went for a walk and ran into some deer by the resort mansion. They are wild, but tame, and will let you pet them. It was awesome.

I found some celery by the kitchen door - deers ain't interested in celery.

I had some time to kill before the ceremony so I went for a long hike in Moran State Park. Here is where I saw my first Banana Slug.

The ceremony took place on a grassy cliff overlooking the bay. They had a mariachi band playing in the background.

The reception was fun - great food (I must have had 10 bacon wrapped scallops), lots and lots of dancing, and even a hot dog station late night.

The after-party was just straight up shenanigans back at the suite. Abe and I got locked out of our room at 3am and didn't get in till 4am. The next morning we pulled ourselves together with the rest of the kids and took the ferry back to Anacortes. I think this is Mt. Baker.

From there we drove to Seattle where Abe's dad picked us up and took us to Olympia.

On Monday we took a day trip into Tacoma. We were going to go to Mt. Ranier, but it was rainy in the morning. All the museums were closed in Tacoma, but we walked the Crystal Bridge that features Dale Chihuly's work.

On our way back to Olympia we stopped at some crazy outdoors store called Cabela's. There was an aquarium inside and a huge taxidermy display. I got a great sleeping bag on sale.

Then Abe took me to Evergreen State College (where he went to school). It was real purty. Too bad Ted Bundy is forever linked to this place in my mind. We poked around the new buildings, which were really cool - great architecture and it really incorporated nature into the structure.

We kind of just hung out for the rest of the time and flew back Tuesday afternoon. Biggest lesson learned: if you live in Brooklyn do not fly into Newark airport at night and take the train home. It took us 2.5 hours and we had to take 4 trains.

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comeoncolleen said...

that lynx looks like paws. did you see any whales?