Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Movie Night for the WB

So last night I went to McCarren Pool to watch the movie "Desperately Seeking Susan". I met Colleen outside and we got some Starbucks shwag and then got some beers from the Brooklyn Brewery stand. Then we found Margot with her curry apricot cous cous salad.

Hippie Princess.

Then Margot gave me and Colleen our birthday presents:

Stevie Nicks posters!

Mmmm. Boxed wine. 30% of Italian families choose this wine.

Those families have no taste buds. This wine tastes like stale barf.

Nothing better than watching a solid 80's movie with 200 Williamsburgers.

Uh oh. Someone brought cupcakes. These were the best cupcakes of my life. They were from Sweet Sugar Sunshine. I only had half of one and I wanted more and I was offered to take some home but I played the brave girl "No, no...I couldn't...I barely like sugar. Does anyone have some lemon water?" This was the beginning of the end. I left here with a bag of leftover s'mores ingredients from Colleen's camping trip last weekend. For two days I have been squirting melted Hershey bars into my mouth. Bad news bears.

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