Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hot Town, Summer in the City

This weekend was total "Summer in NYC" despite the 100 degree weather. On Friday night I went to a free concert in Prospect Park with Abe. We had a little picnic, drank some whiskey and beer, and chilled out to Deerhoof. Afterwards we went back up to Williamsburg for my friend's birthday party at the bar Legion. Two girls were DJing and they had a killer playlist - think late 90's hip-hop. I wish I could download their mix.

On Saturday I played some catch with Abe - gotta get my softball arm in shape - big game on Thursday! We also walked down Bedford Avenue. Some of the blocks were closed off to traffic to promote bicyling and using public space in a different way. I got an ice cream coffee float from Penny Licks. It was made with vanilla ice cream and Manhattan Special Espresso Soda.

Then we walked over to Meredith's house and made frozen margaritas with her and Piper. We talked about periods a lot - anything to make Abe a little uncomfortable. Then we walked over to The Feast and had dinner (funnel cake, pork sandwiches, arepas, grilled corn).

And today I went to the beach with Mere, Margot and Piper. We had a great spot next to some teens and enjoyed eavesdropping on their conversations for 6 hours.


Anonymous said...

i want that grilled corn!! last time i had some it was insanely burnt and i had to force it down to be polite. i did still get some great corn poop out of it but still!

Anonymous said...

from the Deerhoof show-- have you seen this yet?

Market Publique said...

That funnel cake looks awesome! And I love Penny Licks, especially the tiny mini ice cream cones for $1. What a deal!