Tuesday, July 15, 2008

West Coast Home Shopping

Every time I visit San Francisco I think I want to live here. I have been playing this game since 1996. There was a time that I almost did it, but then I heard NYC calling my name from across the country and I called up my BFF, Allyson, and said "I'm coming home - let's move to New York!" But now I've lived in NYC for almost 6 years and I'm thinking maybe Abe and I could move away for a little while (just a little while). Unfortunately, I'm also at that age where I'm starting to become an adult and thinking about doing certain things I'm not adult enough to write out (m*rri@ge and b@b!es). All of a sudden it doesn't seem so easy to move so far away from my family.

Anyway - no decisions are being made. This always happens in the summer because NYC is so gross and hot - you go away on vacation to where it's 70 degrees and all of a sudden your brain freaks out and doesn't want to leave.

It is so pretty in SF though - it is impossible not to play the "Which house would I buy?' game. Yesterday I was walking in the Marina and picked out this house, which I thought was very practical of myself - I could have gone for some crazy castle. Of course, the last time I went "practical" I found a small row house in Greenpoint and was certain it was meant to be. When I called the realtor I found out the asking price was $639,000 - not so practical for a tiny house built on an oil spill.

I would also like to have these flowers spilling into my backyard.

The funny thing is that I ended up buying these shoes soon after seeing this house. I didn't realize the color theme until just now, but I guess it really speaks to me.

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Market Publique said...

yeah! me too! I always think that I want to move to SF, especially when I realize how close wine country is and how I could go every weekend (wino alert!). Those shoes are fabulous! Better than the house?