Saturday, June 7, 2008

New Website In the Works

My focus is all over the place this morning. I keep jumping around between vacuuming/cleaning, making my ATC's for the Cat Lover ATC swap I'm hosting, tending to my live cat, Paws, who will not stop crying, and working on my website (and blogging).

I enjoy working on my website and learning new programs and codes, but it is sooooo time consuming. My cousin and I have been trying to get together so he can help me plug-in a new way to view photos on my website, but we haven't been able to connect so I'm just trying to get everything else done. I really need to take new photos too, but that's a whole huge project in itself.

I hope I can get the new site up next week - with or without the fancy new photo viewer. It doesn't look too different, but there are some nice enhancements like my new drop-down menu bar, which saves me a lot of space.

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