Saturday, June 7, 2008

Pretty Plants

Oh wow, now we're really having a problem. I think I drank too much coffee and that's why I can't concentrate this morning.
Anyway, I was just zooming around the kitchen and it struck me how adorable all my plants look today. The sun is coming through the windows and it looks so pretty. Plus, I received a ton of cut flowers yesterday, which are really sprucing up the place. Cut flowers make me feel like a millionaire.

Shelves in kitchen - this is a succulent gardenscape work in progress.

Shelf in bathroom above the toilet.

Little baby squirrel just having a snack under the shade of the mushroom.

Abe worked an event Thursday night and he got home at about 2:30 and decorated the bedroom with about 10 stems of orchids and a huge bunch of tulips! I woke up in the morning and couldn't believe it. (Don't mind the mess on my's impossible to keep it uncluttered).

Then, my friend/co-worker, JJ, gave me 10 huge sunflowers yesterday. I got into work and he had left them at my office door. He said he wanted my birthday weekend to start off right. sweet.

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