Friday, June 20, 2008

My Walk to Work

I see some pretty weird things at 8am when I'm walking over to Long Island City to catch the 7 train. I guess a lot of it has to do with my route - I have to walk down a street with lots of warehouses and then walk below a kind-of-highway and then over a small bridge.

Strange things happen around overpasses. I used to live next to the BQE and I saw a lot of weird things happen out there while looking out my window - including seeing a person killed while riding his bike across the on-ramp to the Williamsburg Bridge, which was really sad. And I totally had a dream about that guy last night and I talked to his ghost. Weird! I just remembered that.

Anyway, I saw a box on the sidewalk this morning and inside were a bunch of cassette tapes! Now, a box of cassette tapes may not be a treasure trove to most people, but my car only has a tape deck and I drive a lot for New Yorker.

  1. Linda Ronstadt Greatest Hits
  2. Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass Whipped Cream & Other Delights
  3. Gloria Estefan Into the Light
  4. The Soundtrack from the Film Led Zeppelin
  5. Neil Diamond The Greatest Hits 1966-1992 - tapes 1 & 2
  6. Gloria Loring Gloria Loring
  7. Paul Anka His All Time Greatest Hits (double length cassette - ooh la la)

After I pocketed my collection I walked up the stairs located under the overpass to get up on the Pulaski Bridge.

There are always weird things on this set of stairs...none of it very pretty. I've seen things from dead pigeons to bottles of pee to broken glass. It's not my favorite part of the morning, but it's the quickest route if I want to get coffee before getting on the train.

However, this morning's stair surprise was a little unusual to say the least:

I'm going to guess and say that this is a pan of baked ziti with a puttanesca sauce. How this happened is anyone's guess. Why was someone was carrying a pan of ziti down these stairs between the hours of 7pm (when I was last on the stairs) and 8am? No one will ever know. The first thing that popped into my head was that a mime wearing roller skates tried to carry a stack of pasta dishes down the stairs and slipped on a banana.

My other explaination is that this set of stairs is some kind of dump for people traveling across different time warp a la Quantum Leap.


comeoncolleen said...

i didn't know you saw someone get killed. that's horrifying. seriously.

but that linda ronstadt greatest hits album is pure gold.

Allyson said...

ok, mimes and roller skates?!?!
it had to be a little old lady named Saveria, bringing the pasta to a birthday party and johnny chacioni's, and they some hooligans clearly came up behind her and pushed her to get by as they we're trying to get away form the 5-0 after they stole oranges at the bodega down the street. and then johnny, who was really angry b/c he had been looking forward to Savaria's pasta putanesca all week, called Vico and put a hit out on the boys. duh.