Sunday, June 1, 2008

My First Swap

Eeeek! I was on a rampage yesterday and after signing up for a couple swaps I decided to also host a swap. I made one called "Cat Lovers ATC's". The participants will create two Artist Trading Cards featuring a cat of some kind (domestic or wild) and send one to each of his/her 2 partners. I swear, when I was typing the description for the swap I didn't even recognize my voice. I totally turned into the old lady who sits at home in her recliner wearing support hose and snacking on wet cat food while watching "Johnny Carson's replacement".

But whatever, I love cats. So sue me. So far 12 people have signed up - awesome! I love reading profiles on Swap-Bot. I get to "meet" sooooo many types of people that I would never normally meet in person. No matter how different someone is from me and the people I normally socialize with, I discover that they all have such interesting lives in their own way. It's really fun and awesome.


Anonymous said...

That's seriously cool!!! I would sign up but Cats aren't really my thing (unless it's Hello Kitty!) but if you let me know the next time you host I will be sure to consider signing up.

Gecko said...

I checked out this swap, and i haven't done ATCs in a little while so I'm thinking of jumping into this one. =)

Anonymous said...

found you via swap-bot, the list that got sent out
Keep blogging
Hope the hosting go fine for you

Linz aka fluffywelshsheep

Ryan Green said...

Awesome! Everything is good so far so I'll probably create another swap after this one. I'll keep everyone posted.

Jules said...

Im gonna check out your swap as cats are definitely our thing here.We are slaves to two.Have you seen my amazing pea addicted cat on my blog.No joke one packet frozen peas a week or we die.
I agree about swapbot i have met all sorts of people and even made things to please a gothic graveyard lover,who knew i'd be so good at evil!