Friday, June 13, 2008

Birthdays, Gardens, and Friends - Oh My!

I am full-on crashing right now due to lack of sleep, late-night cocktails, and scurrying around town trying to get myself together for the Renegade Craft Fair this weekend.

Yesterday was my 29th birthday - whoooopeee! It was a great one - at work my co-workers totally pranked me. The owner of the company was talking to me in my office about insurance and what I was doing this weekend. Meanwhile, our receptionist, pretty much the cutest & sweetest girl I've ever met, calls me and is like "Ryan, oh my god, the bathroom is flooding and spreading down the hallway!" I like ran out of my office and my co-worker told me she was in the conference room - as I was opening the glass door I realized that they got me good. On the conference table was a ring of my favorite beers encircling 29 cupcakes - and all of my co-workers. It was so awesome. My face must have been priceless.

After work I got to open up presents from my parents (my mom sent them home with me 3 weeks ago and I've had to see them every day and not touch them!). The highlights were a stainless steel Thermos, solar-powered garden lights, and a CD of songs from the Muppets (I have a special place in my heart for "The Rainbow Connection".

Then I went out to dinner with my 5 New York best friends (I know my Boston and LA best friends would have been here if they weren't do far away!) at Nita Nita. We had a great dinner and I got some awesome presents from Mere and Colleen (I also got a an awesome rabbit book-end from Piper last week). Margot has something up here sleeve, but it's still en route from England - how fancy.

After dinner Colleen, Piper and I continued the fun at Hotel Del Amo where we indulged in some fancy cocktails and made ourselves at home in the back room for a few hours.

Today I was in the backyard and saw that my tiger lilies bloomed!! This is why I love plants and flowers so much. I bought a small container of 3 lilies last year at Wal-Mart. They were on clearance and lasted for just a week or two. I totally neglected them and just let the container sit out in the open all winter. Well, holy crap, because this spring they came back with vengeance! There are like 6 or 7 of them in the pot and they are twice as tall - and blood red!

The heat wave this week has been painful, but my seeds have loved it. I planted arugula and lettuce seeds and within a couple days I had seedlings. Awesome.

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Allyson said...

yeah for birthdays!! fuuny thing... i had the "Daring Book for Girls" in my hand for you at Christmas time but I already had the other gifts so I figured I'd save it for a later date!! Looks like the NYC girls beat me to it :)