Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Love is a Battlefield

Machines and I usually take a while to warm up to each other. They get pissed at me because I refuse to read directions and prefer the "try it and see if this is how you do it" method, which tends to beat them up a little at the beginning of a relationship. Eventually they learn that I'm pretty smart and if they just work with me a little bit it won't be that bad, right my little iBook? Look how much fun we have together, I even let you sleep in my bed sometimes and I buy you all sorts of fun things like that external hard drive you wanted so badly and more RAM.

But some machines just like to be difficult like Mr. Brother Surger (see above). Maybe he is holding in his emotions because he feels neglected after being left brand new and unused on my shelf for a year. Well, I'm sorry, I was scared of you! I didn't know what to make of all those spools and crazy person directions written on your body. Me and Sir Sewing Machine were very close back then and I wasn't ready to include you in my life.

Taken during a heating argument.

Whatever the case may be, me and Mr. BS are slowly warming up to each other and, like any new relationship, the first week was amazing...until he ran out of thread and I had to buy more. Turns out he doesn't take normal sized spools of surger thread. I don't know what kind he takes because I didn't ready his book. I think I finally figured it out, but now every time we try to get together the first hour is a frustrating battle trying to get him all set up. Last night I was trying to whip out some yoga mat bags and between the 100 degree heat and him snapping his thread every two seconds, I almost gave up.

Dr. Glue wasn't doing me any favors last night either.

I really hope we can work things out because I love the way he can finish an edge.

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