Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Apartment Decor Project #3

I'm starting Phase 1 of a new project: Bedroom Curtains. We have two large windows in our bedroom. The walls are pretty plain and not pretty, but we don't want to paint them since we rent. I decided to spruce up the joint with some nice curtains. We recently bought a new duvet cover (dark gray from IKEA) but otherwise our room is a total snoozefest. Curtains were a bit of a challenge since Abe doesn't want anything too girly (I'm willing to compromise a little since I want him to like it, but since I'm taking the initiative my vote overrules).

I took before photos are that especially hideous (note 2 piles of dirty laundry) to make the effect more breathtaking. I'm making my curtains from Amy Butler's pattern from her Lotus collection that I picked up from Purl Patchwork on Sullivan Street this afternoon.

I need to pick up some blackout lining and then hopefully I'll have a new set of curtains this weekend!

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