Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Big Purchase of the Summer

After much deliberation I finally bought a 4-color table-top screen printing press. I was debating for about 3 months and wasn't sure if we had the room in our tiny apartment - or if it was a necessary expense, but finally I just did it and it feels great. It doesn't even take up that much room. Our desk is really a door so it's pretty long and we don't use it for doing work - it basically just collects clutter, so we just dedicated a 1/3 of it to the press. I have to build a support leg for it though because it is a lot wider than the desk/door once you add on the screens. I rescued some new 2x4's from the garbage outside a house under construction. I'm going to try and use that wood and have my dad help me cut it with a power saw this weekend when I go home. I always say I wish we had a living room big enough for a normal couch, but what I really fantasize about is a workshop with power tools.

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