Thursday, February 15, 2007

Meet the Neighbors Night

Last night Abe and I had dinner with our downstairs neighbors. (Hi Michelle and Craig!) We've lived in this building for 2 months now but really met each other yet (weird considering there are only 4 units in the building). They're really nice and it's so fun to have new friends living right downstairs...I can wear my slippers when I go see them. They made a delicious meal from a recipe Michelle saw on Rachel Ray and then she made this dessert that seriously made me want to cry of happiness: WINTER-SPICED MOLTEN CHOCOLATE CAKES!

1 comment:

southside high school 86 said...

Give me a break do people realy care.
At least bring some of that desert to you hungry friends on lex. Well at least you are breaking out of your shy introverted self. About time.