Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Memory Globes at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum

On Sunday I taught at class at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum as part of the Design Kids program sponsored by Target.  My class was all about how to make a Memory Globe a.k.a. snow globes.   I guess my past snow globe sessions at Etsy and with friends have turned me into a bit of an expert on the subject, but I also have instructions listed right here on my blog.

We had a great turn-out in the two sessions and everyone - kids and parents - took home some wonderful creations.  It was so fun to see everyone get creative with the projects.  We had teeny-tiny globes with just a kitten and 3 buttons (representing balls of yard) and giant globes with a wild underwater scenes and dinosaurs "drinking" from the top.

This little guy won the raffle and picked up a Wicked Mint pencil pouch.

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