Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Still Looking to Give My Jewelry a New Home

I've been searching for a jewelry box forever.  I don't think I even have all that much jewelry, but what I have sits in 4 boxes and it's just annoying, isn't organized, and I hate having them stacked on my dresser looking like crap.  I thought about getting something like this, I thought of making something to mount on the wall, but none of it felt right.

Well, praise the jewelry universe because I just discovered what I've been looking for - vintage machinist chests.  Once used for tools and hardware they have lots of compartments and look pretty.

Now I just need to win an eBay auction...

Image from MachinistChest.com

Of course, there is also the option of buying a new chest by the same manufacturer, but they're very expensive ($300 and up).

However, when I started browsing I found a new version of the same chest and some other options - all within my budget plus I don't have to limp through eBay anxiety.

$145.00 from Grizzly.com

$31.95 from Grizzly.com
$59.95 from Grizzly.com

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