Monday, May 3, 2010

I Would Drive 500 Miles

I had a freaking whirlwind of a weekend.  I believe I drove about 700 miles this weekend.  Left Beacon Saturday morning, went to a family party in the north part of Massachusetts, went to Shrewsbury to catch up with my BFF Allyson so we could talk details about her upcoming wedding, then Sunday morning I drove back to Beacon to wrap up a few things before heading down to Brooklyn for WORD's Momma Said event. 

Why was it worth a 3 hours round trip to go to Brooklyn for 2 hours?

Check out her new earrings.  Love.

Cause Piper, author of the blog My Mom the Style Icon was one of the hilarious writers reading a little something in honor of Mother's Day next week!

Packed house!
So packed people were forced to sit in mini chairs.

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