Monday, May 17, 2010

Brooklyn Comes to Beacon

Had a fan-freaking-tastic weekend in Beacon with Abe, Preeya, Dave, Luke and Kim (and a surprise appearance by Piper on Sunday night).   They all made the trek from Brooklyn to spend some time in the country.  We went through 20 lbs of charcoal, 2 bottles of whiskey and just acted like irresponsible adults for a couple days. Obviously this means we went to cosmic bowling.  I also got some stellar yard sale finds.
Preeya and I made silhouettes of each other and we came out looking like Beavis and Butthead.

This weekend we decided to start marking everyone's' heights in the door jamb.
Preeya frolicking.
Abe bowled a 168!
Post-bowling fuel.

Chocolate chip pancakes with syrup made from leftover red wine.  Yum!
Yard sale score! Best $2 I ever spent.

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