Monday, March 1, 2010

Blizzard with a Capital Snow

Last week we had two big snow storms in Beacon. Earlier in the week we got about a foot of snow, and then from Thursday to Saturday we had a major blizzard - we're talking 3 feet of snow, no power, and fallen trees & branches.

It was pretty magical, but also a pretty dangerous. Our area was declared a State of Emergency. I'm lucky because my house got power back after 24 hours, but some people are still without and might not be getting it back until mid-week.

It was a fun weekend despite the lack of heat & hot water. On Friday Dennis came up for a visit and we were still able to visit the Walkway Over the Hudson. Then we hit up the Poughkeepsie Galleria and Friendly's just cause that's what you do to comfort yourself when you think you won't have heat & hot water for a week.

Riesling over freshly fallen snow - luxury at its finest.

And of course no weekend would be complete without Cosmic Bowling (still not sick of it and I bowling my all time high of 118).

On Sunday, Lauren came up for the day and we rounded out the weekend with a big ol' brunch at the Yankee Clipper.