Sunday, February 21, 2010

Beacon Parents Weekend

A busy weekend here in Beacon, NY. Abe's dad is visiting so we're doing a combination of touristy/home repair things.

On Saturday we got up at the crack of dawn and hit up Home Depot where I bought my first power saw and plywood for the attic floor. Yay!

Then we went to Dia: Beacon. The sun was shining and the light in the galleries was amazing. Probably the best part was when I looked outside and saw deer frolicking behind the building.

Later in the evening hit up Southern Dutchess Bowl for Cosmic Bowling night. In the lane next to us was a dad wearing a Seeger t-shirt with his teenager son who was pacing around with a handmade rain stick. It doesn't get more cosmic than that.

The other super exciting thing that happened this weekend is that my parents, the dogs, and Abe's dad all met for the first time!

Brunch was prepared by moi for the parental meet-n-greet.

My mom brought me gorgeous flowers and a candle that smells like cake.

Abe's dad taught him to use a power saw and work began on the attic floor.

One of my life-long dreams is to live in an old house and find a treasure map hidden behind an old framed painting, or a diary from a previous resident, or lean up against a bookcase and discover a false wall with a secret hide-out for the Underground Railroad. Well, it's no velvet pouch of jewels, but I was digging around in the attic today and found some "treasures" buried in the insulation.

A baby photo from 1986, scraps of an old magazine (I can't figure out the year, but the images show women in Victorian clothing and advertisements for 10 cent hosiery), and an old framed print.

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