Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Moving is Always Fun!*


Hello from the other side. Abe and I moved Sunday and again on Monday. It's been a grueling move, but at least we now have everything here at the house and can start unpacking! My dad is driving some furniture to us today and this weekend both my mom and dad are coming to bring another load and help set things up.

After a 16 hour day of moving yesterday, Abe and I were back in Beacon at midnight. We were relaxing with a beer (me) and tequila (Abe - we only had 1 beer) while I cleaned the fridge when I realized I needed paper towels from the U-haul truck. I was pulling things out of the truck so Abe came out to help me. We were carrying everything back inside and - oops, the front door is locked. And so are all the windows. So we both in pajamas, in the middle of the night, outside in 40 degree weather and don't know how to get inside. Luckily the former owners left their ladder so Abe climbed up to the roof and was able to break into a window that I left accidentally left unlocked (irresponsible, but soooo lucky I did that).

So today we're changing the locks, hopefully fixing the screen on the window, and absolutely making sure we hide a key somewhere.

I have tons of photos from Ahmad and Erika's wedding, thanksgiving, and the move, but it's going to have to wait until we've unpacked a little bit more.

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