Sunday, December 6, 2009

Back to a New Reality!

Two days before Thanksgiving I bought my first house! The following week was a blur as Abe and I moved to Beacon, NY and began living in "the country".

Moving was grueling and took 2 full days (I run my business out of my home and have A LOT of stuff - I also have a little bit of a hoarding problem). Once the moving was complete, we started to make our daily trips to Lowes, furniture stores, IKEA, Home Depot, Target...and finally we started to unpack.

At least it's a damn fine looking Home Depot. (Note all the snow - first snowfall of the year!)

My parents came to visit Saturday and Sunday and my mom was a huge help in the painting department while my dad did electrical things in the basement. Thanks, Mom and Dad!! The dining room had been a dark red so getting it to a light gray took forever.

On Sunday three of my gal pals - Colleen, Piper and Brooke - came up for a visit, which was awesome! We went out for brunch at the Yankee Clipper diner and sat next to this guy from the reality show American Chopper.

All in all I'd say the adjustment from Brooklyn hasn't been jarring (yet) and pretty much everything has been super exciting!!

I promise to post photos, but I haven't taken many yet because the house is still filled with boxes and Paws is still trying to figure out how to put together the IKEA office chair.

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Brook said...

holy bajesus! you bought a house!?!? ooooo! so many good things! congrats on that as well, cuz.