Monday, November 16, 2009

Total Tesh Fest

I dabble in a lot of things, but the one talent that never ceases to amaze and entertain Abe is that I can whistle the MLB on Fox theme song.

Tonight I was whistling it for Abe and I was like "I should learn the football one, how does that go?" and he said "You know which one you should learn, go type in [into Google] 'NBA on NBC John Tesh'."

I did this (even though I hate basketball) and thank god I did because what I found next COMPLETELY BLEW OUR MINDS.

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to behold one of the most amazing things on the Internet. The healthy heads of hair, the guitar solo, the cocky attitude, the man himself...Mr. John Tesh!

1 comment:

jimtarnation said...

remind me to tell you about the "tesh head" hat my buddy has next time i see you.