Sunday, November 15, 2009


Last night was Friendsgiving over at Colleen's house. Everyone brought a dish or two and then we pigged out.

I made three Martha Stewart recipes: sauteed brussel sprouts and shallots, pecan pie, and roasted garlic mashed potatoes(follow this recipe, but first slice off the top of a bulb of garlic, drizzle with olive oil, and roast in over for 45 mins. Then squeeze garlic into potatoes after you add the milk. Oh, I also kept on the potato skins.)

Mmmm...Piper's bruschetta was pretty.

[Clockwise from 12 o'clock: sweet potato au gratin, brussel sprouts, stuffing, garlic mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potato with raisins, butternut squash lasagna, and cranberry chutney in the center.]

Piper tries to get the dance party started.

We played several games of Celebrity. Can you guess which household name I am charading?

At 2am we ate Round 2 of the food and then went home and passed out.

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