Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Cracker List Rules

Two and a half years writing this blog, 347 posts, and the one post that gets the most comments is about Top 5 Main-stream Crackers[click or scroll down 2 posts to catch up].

Alright, here are the official rules. I will have to redo my list.

  • American-made, main-stream crackers
  • No snack crackers (Cheez-Its and Goldfish)
  • Must be able to put cheese or some kind of spread on them
  • Can not be sugary (graham or animal)
  • You are allowed 1 gourmet cracker (identify with a *)
  • No two similar crackers (ie: Saltines and Premium)
My revised list:

1. Triscuit
2. Wasa Cripsbread *
3. Saltines
3. Ritz
4. Stoned Wheat

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