Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday Thoughts

1. Erin from ANTM Cycle 13 looks like Spencer Pratt now that she has blonde hair and eyebrows.

2. My top 5 favorite main stream crackers are: (1 being the best)

1. Triscuits
2. Wasa Crispbread
3. Saltines
4. Cheez-Its
5. Ritz

Play this with your friends, it's provokes conversation and you'll learn a lot about people you've known for years.

(Colleen, you'll notice that Wheat Thins got bumped and Ritz got demoted to the 5 spot).

3. I am willing to spend 15 minutes scouring the internet for an image & name of a type of cracker, going as far as creating a Stop & Shop Peapod account because Fresh Direct and Google image search are coming back with nothing.

4. Just realized that I am so lucky to have Abe as a boyfriend because he is an instruction-reader and I hate reading instructions. He's taken over all instruction reading duties. It's amazing and luxurious.


bg said...

what!! no stoned wheat thins!

comeoncolleen said...

i object, your honor. a cheez-it isn't really a cracker.

here's mine:

1. ritz
2. triscuit
3. water crackers
4. cracked stone white crackers (whatever those are called)
5. wheat thins

margot said...

i second the motion for stoned wheat thins. i would also have something carr's (either cracked pepper water crackers or the wheat ones that are really like cookies).

Dith said...

Wheat Thins, Ritz, Cracked Pepper Carr's, Waspa. Hell no to Saltines. Only if you are a bum and steal them from the condiment bar at Wendy's!

Ryan Green said...

it is very true that Cheez-Its are a snack cracker and not a true cracker cracker, but this is my game and I say they can stay. Feel free to incorporate Cheez-Its into your cracker list!

Items that are definitely not allowed:

- Goldfish
- Animal crackers
- Graham crackers
- Melba toast

Dith said...

What about flatbread? It's very crackery despite its "bread" name. Also-I am going to rescind my earlier statement and add oyster crackers instead of Wasas, which are not mainstream. I call bullshit on Wasa being mainstream.

Ryan Green said...

You can't pick oyster crackers and not allow Goldfish!

chelsea said...

Your list is definitely deficient...

It does not include Carr's Table Water Cracked Black Pepper. The ultimate cheese spreading cracker. Doy!

Ryan Green said...

Chels - Carr's are English so they are not allowed in the contest now that we've revised the rules, but you can choose them as your gourmet option. I love the Carr's cracked black pepper ones, but I chose Wasa as my gourmet.