Friday, October 23, 2009

Congrats to Preeya and Her Fawn

Last night was the Gauge opening at ArtJail. Preeya's little fawn was displayed in the center of the room. I think Colleen said it best when she said "That deer would be so happy right now if it knew about this."

Preeya found the skeleton pieces while a bunch of us were in upstate NY for a weekend. While on a hike we spotted the skull and Preeya proceeded to dig up every last piece. The poor little deer died under a tree and you can imagine how scary it must have been for the poor little thing. Preeya poured years of love into re-building the skeleton and now it's on display as a work of art. I'm so proud of her - it was an incredible process.

Doug posted more & better photos on his blog DLT XII.

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