Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pacific Northwest Vacation

Just spent the last week in Washington with Abe's family and friends. We had a few days in Olympia and then headed to the mountains for a camping trip/wedding, and then back west for more time in Olympia and a trip to Mount Rainier.

This guy ripped off a piece of salmon the size of its body, flew away with it, and came back for seconds and thirds.

Leavenworth, WA

There were several of these hanging around and they filled up multiple times with yellow jackets over the course of 4 days

Bryce (the groom) explaining the lay of the land to me.

And then Abe brought out the Tupac sneakers...

Tent City destroyed by wind.

The river. We were supposed to float down it, but it was like 5 degrees. I don't believe Eastern Washington is normally hot.

Tupac shoes continue to satisfy.

Abe gets a butter burrito from the 59er Diner.

Pre-wedding ceremony pontoon trip to Fish Lake.

Tent City in all its glory.

Paradise, Mount Rainier

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